I'm Ron Miles

Full Stack Developer and Dev Manager

I am a technology professional based in Winter Garden, Florida, with a wealth of experience strategizing, developing, and delivering highly distributed and scalable web and cloud solutions.

My skills include:

  • Overseeing the development cycle from conceptualization through implementation and testing to production support and maintenance
  • Leading teams by example to craft a positive and inclusive work environment
  • Utilizing acute knowledge across the full technical stack and of a variety of subjects such as cloud, application architecture and integration, security, high-performance databases, DevOps, and analytics
  • Collaborating with strong interpersonal skills to influence and align multiple teams with conflicting priorities to drive progress under aggressive time constraints
  • Championing Agile development methodologies with expertise and flair

Professional Experience

Embark Black Book

Full Stack Developer

May 2023 - Present

Pivoting the software created for The Icon Network to a new product, Embark Black Book.

The Icon Network

Head of Technology

May 2022 - Apr 2023

Reporting directly to the Co-Founder, set the technical vision and drove the software development life cycle of a technology company by assuming 3 critical roles of Head of Software Architecture, Head of Software Engineering and Head of Technology Operations.

Set the technical vision, developed, and constructed the technical stack and established a roadmap with the leadership team while guiding both internal and external teams to enable consistent, regular, and improved quality deliveries.

Led a team of approx. 6 employees across Software Architecture, Software Engineering and Technology Operations. Established a solid and coherent organizational structure by balancing and associating the right expertise and skill sets and identifying skill gaps to define focus areas for recruitment.

Thoroughly assessed and defined technical requirements, to design a system architecture optimized for speed and scalability, with a focus on time, cost, and impact.

Ensured all solutions met thresholds for security, availability, and performance. Responsible for keeping cloud environments secure and preventing potential security breaches and downtime.

Head of Software Architecture:

Managed the architecture team, which included conducting interviews and securing the services of both contractors and permanent employees as necessitated while concurrently defining the technology stack, inclusive of server infrastructure and assorted software tools and technologies.

Architected the complete solution employing AWS EC2, AWS S3, and AWS RDS for hosting, with a back end comprised a customized Strapi.js headless CMS in TypeScript with PostgreSQL storage, with a front-end constructed with TypeScript, SASS, and HTML5 through a SPA Stencil.js implementation.

Head of Software Engineering:

Piloted the software development team, involving conducting interviews and hiring contractors and permanent employees as necessary, thereby ensuring the right talent for the successful execution of projects.

Established a scalable software development process and structure, directly contributing to the company's ability to expand and adapt in line with business growth. Collaborated with the Head of Digital Products to convert business needs into effective and achievable technical solutions.

Maintained a comprehensive budget for all software engineering endeavors, thus ensuring efficient resource allocation and cost-effectiveness. Carried out meticulous due diligence on build vs buy decisions, leading to cost savings and faster times to market.

Wrote a substantial portion of the code, which enhanced system performance, while concurrently overseeing the work of 2 additional contracted developers, thus ensuring the timely delivery of quality software products.

Mentored Developers by providing guidance, conducting code reviews, and remaining available and accessible to encourage communication and collaboration.

Head of Technology Operations:

Directed Technology Operations, enhancing the selection process by interviewing potential hires and engaging both contractors and full-time employees, thereby ensuring skilled personnel for project success.

Administered the budget for all technology operations, ensuring financial discipline and optimal utilization of resources, thereby contributing to the sustainable growth of the organization.

Engineered and instituted infrastructural and operational environments, optimizing the deployment of applications to internal and external customers thereby enhancing organizational efficiency and customer satisfaction. This included network infrastructure, server and device management, computer operations, IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) management, and help desk services.


Full Stack Developer

Dec 2020 - Dec 2022

Led the development of the CarePoint project, a tool used by military health units for COVID status reporting, which was constructed using SharePoint for page hosting, SQL storage, C# libraries for backend business logic, and JavaScript/HTML5 for the front end, resulting in more efficient reporting and faster data processing.

Served as the technical lead on the project and successfully managed and mentored 2 other developers, leading to an increase in team productivity and fostering an environment of learning and growth.

Upon obtaining a Top Secret security clearance, worked within a diverse team of SpinSys and Department of Defense stakeholders, facilitating clear communication and solving security and privacy concerns in a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF).


Senior Software Architect

May 2001 - Nov 2020

Developed and served as the main architect for the Virtuoso Event Management System, a critical technological advancement that increased efficiency and reduced system errors.

Cooperated diligently with a Project Manager and Meeting Planners, leading to the successful design and construction of a custom system that improved the management of high-end events in unique locations for luxury travel advisers and suppliers.

Supervised between 2 and 3 contractor reports directly, enhancing project efficiency and ensuring high-quality work within set deadlines.

Synchronized effectively with external vendors for system integration, including backend hotel booking engines and airline flight validation, facilitating efficient travel arrangements and immediate conference attendee changes, thereby improving operational flow.

Key Deliveries:

Virtuoso Assigned Appointment System: Engineered a complex system utilizing C#, .NET Framework, and SQL, enabling travel professionals to efficiently manage over 330,000 face-to-face appointments across multiple days and venues, factoring in marketing exclusions, daily attendance, and transition times.

Virtuoso Matched Appointment System: Constructed and continually refined an intricate system, utilizing C#, .NET Framework, and DNN.Framework, which adeptly orchestrated personalized sales meetings for travel professionals by incorporating participant preferences, marketing restrictions, availability, prevention of duplicates, and equitable distribution of appointments and breaks through a sophisticated algorithmic approach.

Virtuoso Appointment Chimes: Devised and produced Chimes, a dynamic audio-visual display system utilizing C#, .NET Framework, and WPF, encompassing a customized countdown clock and appointment tracker, capable of managing real-time disruptions, and integrated with a full suite of audio cues and voice-over components.


3500: An Autistic Boy's Ten-Year Romance with Snow White


"Brimming with heart and tragedy overcome, this is a book that captures the tribulations of parenthood, the magic of Disney World, and the wonderful online communities that allow us to lend aid and comfort to strangers around the world."
Cory Doctorow, author of Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom
"It's a good book, the kind all of us should be reading. It's the kind of book that transcends its supposed subject matter and becomes about everything else that matters in life and love; the kind of book that makes you better for having read it. Above all, it's a book that addresses emotions straight on. The father's emotions, Ben's emotions, and even our own emotions as readers.
Ben's final ride is a touching one that resonates deeply of parental anguish and reward. I won't spoil the details for you, but you should seek it out."
Kevin Yee, MiceAge.com
"It's funny. It's emotional. It reminds you that there are patient, good people all around the world (especially The World). Mostly, it reminded me of how lucky I am as a parent. Worth the price of the book alone is the story of Ben getting to be the last person ever to ride Snow White's Scary Adventures, before it closed for the Fantasyland expansion. Get it today."
Len Testa, TouringPlans.com


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